Saturator machines


The AMPO-type saturation machines are suitable for the saturation and enrichment of adequately prepared drinking water, mineral water and soft drinks with carbon-dioxide.

AMPO 200 /litre/h carbon-dioxide saturation machine

with drinking water-cooler and semi-automatic charging tap.

The AMPO 200 L/h. soda machine is suitable for filling soda water bottles, glass bottles and soda-balloon, as well as serving spritzer and soft drinks. We recommend it for continuous serving of beginner soda water-makers, companies, wineries, gastro-restaurants and other events.



Size of machine: length: 700 mm, width: 600 mm, height: 1350 mm.      Ampo200

Weight: 65 kg

Electricity needed: 0,55 kW / 230 V – 50Hz

Operation: automatic



                                                                                                  IMG 0250


                                                   20171004 171014 20171004 171254


       20180124 110815 20180124 110915 20180124 111154


            20200116 132604 20200116 132508 20200116 132644 20200116 132859




AMPO-600,-800,-1000 litre/h Injector type carbon-dioxide saturation machine


Considering all the latest technical solutions, we have created the AMPO-Injector product line

Due to this, we are able to ensure the highest carbon-dioxide saturation inside the absorbing-container

Due to the unique and special development, we can present a reasonable price/quality ratio for the AMPO-Injector product line.


                                                                                               TECHNICAL DETAILS:

                                                                   Size of machine: length: 550mm, width: 550mm, height:2150 mm

                                                                                                          Weight: 96 kg

                                                                                     Electricity needed: 0,75 kW / 380 V – 50Hz/

                                                                                                    Operation: automatic

                               AMPOszaturalo AMPO20003000 20200123 150535 jó




AMPO 2000 and 4000 l/h Injector type carbon-dioxide saturation machine

After the increased needs for the machines with higher performance, we had to improve the

AMPO injector product line.

Due to this reason, we have created the AMPO-2000 and 4000 Injector product line.

We take on the production of unique litre capacity- saturation machines after technical





Size of machine: length: 650mm, width: 550mm, height: 2150mm.

Weight: 145 kg

Electricity needed:1,5 kW / 230 V – 50Hz/

Operation: automatic


                   ampo 2000 20190219 1421846106                    JZ1C5520




Size of machine: length: 1300mm, width: 1120mm, height: 2150mm.

Weight: 280 kg

Electricity needed: 3,2 kW / 230 V – 50Hz/

Operation: automatic




       20160723 164159 1                         IMG 9567 1



Zsolt Ampovics


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